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Sonic The Hedgehog Review

Sonic, the little blue hedgehog from a 30 year old video game finally gets his own movie. Well, a live action film. Sonic has enjoyed years of games and an animated series that I really never watched as a child, because the other video game properties that had been turned into cartoon shows sucked. I could tell that even as a small child with very little brain development that Zelda and etc. where really bad. (Waiting around for the hate……) So is the film any good? As with most of my reviews I will give a quick review right off the top. YES! It was really good. It was fun and sweet and Jim Carrey is back baby.

The plot of the film is about as cookie cutter as it gets, which it’s always a bad thing. I said in my Harley Quinn review that a cliche plot doesn’t make a bad movie. This cliche plot does not either. Sonic is forced to leave his home world because of his power and using his rings, in a different but clever way from the game, travels to other worlds to try and be safe. He eventually lands on Earth in the small town of Green Hill(s Zone). James Marsden plays a small town cop who wants to make a difference in the world, of course not realizing he already is, but he’ll get there as the film goes on, and Jim Carry is Jim fucking Carrey.

Jim Carrey is the standout in the film for his insane and mostly hilarious portrayal of Dr. Robotnik. It’s the old Carrey from the 90’s where played characters like Ace Ventura and the Mask. He is a genius out of control government agent who is on Sonic’s trail, looking to steal his power for his own dastardly purposes. He has an assistant named Agent Stone, who seems to be Carrey’s best and only friend in the world. The dynamic between the two is fantastic and some of the funniest lines in the film happen between the two. I would also like to try a latte Stone made. All in all, it’s great to see Carrey back doing the things that made him famous and now I want an Ace Ventura 3, so let’s get it done Hollywood. You made a second Dumb and Dumber 25 years later so why the hell not?!

Sonic looks great after the remodel and good on the studio for doing and also bad on the studio for not taking care of the visual effects house that went out of business right after finishing up the new sonic. Are they not paying these people or what? The effects are impressive enough to keep your attention and cartoonish enough to drive the point home that this is a kids film. This far into a review I have to remind myself and the audience that this film is for 10 year old kids. Yes, yes, a lot of late thirties or fourty-somethings will go see this for nostalgia reasons and the film as plenty of reminds that this was a game you played in your underroos but in the end it plays like a Pixar film. It is 90% for kids and the 10% that’s there for adults is so they don’t get bored taking their children to the theater.

The film does have a pretty heartwarming ending and sends some great messages to the youngsters who see it about friendship and caring for your family. Messages about being there for the ones you care about through thick and thin and sometimes, everything you ever wanted in life is right in front of your eyes if you are ready to see it. One of the best video game adaptions I have ever seen and I would recommend you go see this film and take your family with you, please. I saw way to many 40 year old dudes alone watching this which was the saddest thing about the film that I can say.

Watch the Trailer here

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