The Mandalorian Season Finale Thoughts – Embarrassing Cameos Are Embarrassing – The Show Was Still Gold

The last episode of THE MANDALORIAN has aired and they just couldn’t resist. I enjoyed almost every moment of the show up until THAT point except for the Jedi stuff. (Obviously exception for Baby Yoda.) I was really excited for the show. Something new and different and they just couldn’t resist. The Luke Skywalker scene is literally the only thing I don’t want to see Luke doing; ripping through useless droids like they are paper with no stakes and no challenge and no reason to cheer for it. This is why nearly every action scene from the prequels are terrible. (The laser sword battles against the droids. To play a little script doctor myself, I would have been happier, if they HAD to include him, have it at least be something peaceful, like over a COMM on a spaceship. Luke always failed when he tried to seek out this kind of fight. It’s the opposite of his character. I got nothing out of his character here. I wanted to see our main character get this child to its destination. I felt like that was the whole point of the show. The bait and switch was on and I fell for it. It’s their second bait and switch in a row; see THE RISE OF SKYWALKER

Seems nostalgic now

The biggest issue with this stupid, unnecessary, pointless and stupid fan service was Luke’s awful looking face. This is the worst I’ve ever seen. I could forgive it due to the budget restriction but Disney seems to be all in on the show so I’m sure they got the time and budget. By the time we got to the farewell scene I felt almost nothing because I was pulled so far out of the show I didn’t care about Grogu anymore. It brought the show down for me in a big way. I would have loved to felt the emotion during the scene. I watched my girlfriend cry (She has zero attachment to Star Wars) Now she’s crying again because we now know that Grogu is murdered by Kylo Ren and Luke straight up quits the force because of it. Maybe if you hated THE LAST JEDI and loved this it could bridge the gap? Maybe it’s cool now that Luke milks that creature everyday for green milk because it reminds him of baby Yoda’s skin color? MAYBE? 

They (Disney) have, unfortunately, proven over and over again that old and new Star Wars must fuck, even if it is by FORCE. The babies will be ugly yet familiar enough to go to the bank over and over until there’s nothing left.

I am a Star Wars fan that hates Boba Fett. (So I’ve been told) I never thought he was cool in any way. He was a bad guy, so like I do with heels in wrestling, I booed him and he died in such a joking manner that when we were kids we would laugh at that scene because his non-death was hilarious. I have ZERO interest in a Boba Fest anything and know that we know that cannot keep their hands out of the cookie jar and I feel like going forward, we are going to see the same things over and over and over again. I think the Jabba’s Palace sequence from RETURN OF THE JEDI is the weakest part of the whole trilogy. It’s rushed an unfocused and it certainly doesn’t track with the rest of the film. 

Grogu is dead somewhere in here

I have only seen ROGUE ONE twice and the second time I walked out of the theater early to hit the restroom so I didn’t have to see the embarrassing fan service at the end of that film. It served no other purpose and was added late into filming. If isn’t there to be part of the story then don’t out it in the story. These scenes should be left to those terrible people who keep making those terrible fan films. (ALL OF WHICH ARE TERRIBLE) I’ve heard from some close friends that they love this stuff but it isn’t for me. So far, I have love THE LAST JEDI and SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY and THE MANDALORIAN up until the last few moments. These all felt new yet grounded in the universe and the tone and themes of the original trilogy. The others; THE FORCE AWAKENS, THE RISE OF SKYWALKER, and ROGUE ONE have all felt really derivative and unoriginal but so does RETURN OF THE JEDI to me too. ATTACK OF THE CLONES is the only prequel I re-watch regularly. Sue me. 

The series was killing it and I was looking forward to more of these shows Disney had recently announced. They (Disney) have, unfortunately, proven over and over again that old Star Wars and new Star Wars must fuck, even if it is by FORCE. The babies will be ugly yet familiar enough to go to the bank over and over until there’s nothing left. The show itself was GOLD. It really only is the 10% of fan service the show fell for that felt embarrassing and did not need to be there. The prequels, for all their faults, feel like new and original additions to the saga. TFA felt like a jump back, then TLJ and leap ahead and TROS felt like fall down the stairs. The first season of THE MANDALORIAN was amazing. Everything was new and now it joins the step back Star Wars. I just want the on screen media to move forwards. It feels like even though I want nothing to do with anymore stories in the known timeline, this was doing it right. But alas, they fell into the trap. The only thing that would be worse if this was some sort of make good for the people who didn’t like Luke’s portrayal in TLJ, which, I pray it is not. 


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