Tenet Would Have Been a Better __________ Than a Movie

I wrote an entire review of the flick and TL;DR SPOILER ALERT!!! I didn't like it all that much. I gave it a NOLAN/10 so you can see where I stand on the NOLAN scale. For reference, I gave INTERSTELLAR (2014) a MCCONAUGHEY'S TEARS/10. A movie should not be this hard to understand. Like what... Continue Reading →

Best Christmas ‘Genre’ Films – Horror

Serious question, is "Christmas" a genre of film on its own? A film can be set near or on the day, near or during the month, but can a film solidly be a "Christmas" film? I'm not really here to decide that but I'll hedge my bets. Here is a list of the best genre... Continue Reading →

Tenet (2020) Review

Watching Tenet was like when a friend explains a movie to you, and you can't really understand what he is saying, and he is ranting and raving on like a lunatic forever and you just wish he would stop. You nod once an a while, just to make sure that he knows you still care,... Continue Reading →

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