Netflix Nukes The Theaters From Orbit | Releasing New Film EVERY WEEK In 2021

From Variety: Netflix has made good on its high-profile promise to deliver new movies every week.Teased last October in national commercial spots, the streaming monolith is guaranteeing its roughly 193 million subscribers unseen features every week in 2021. Largely consisting of original productions as well as some splashy acquisitions, the slate has 71 titles across genres... Continue Reading →

From Professor To Clown Show — THE BLUE ANGEL (1930) — No Wrath for Rath

The character that is most interesting to me in THE BLUE ANGEL is the clown. The silence the character brings to the story stands out to me as seeing the downfall of the first clown we can see the downfall of the second coming and we can't do anything to stop it. The clown may... Continue Reading →

Tenet (2020) Review

Watching Tenet was like when a friend explains a movie to you, and you can't really understand what he is saying, and he is ranting and raving on like a lunatic forever and you just wish he would stop. You nod once an a while, just to make sure that he knows you still care,... Continue Reading →

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